Vyvamind on Amazon, eBay and Walmart

Vyvamind is a formulation of leading nutraceuticals that is only available directly from our website, or from specially selected locations that can safely store, distribute and sell it.

Vyvamind on Amazon

Vyvamind is not available on Amazon, or any Amazon affiliates. This allows SAP Nutrition to ensure Vyvamind is correctly stored before it is sold. 

Currently the only place you can buy Vyvamind in on our offical website www.vyvamind.com. Once again, we have no plans to list Vyvamind on Amazon, or do any form Amazon Vyvamind partnership. 

Vyvamind on eBay

Vyvamind is not available on eBay or any eBay.com affiliates.As with Vyvaminds availability on Amazon, we do not sell Vyvamind on eBay to enable us to maintain complete control of our stock and avoid any continaminated products being sold that present harm to our consumers.

You cannot buy Vyvamind on eBay. We only sell Vyvamind directly. 

Vyvamind on Walmart 

We do not stock Vyvamuind in Walmart, nor do we sell Vyvamind on the Walmart website. Walmart stocks products that are considered natural herbal blends. Because Vyvamind is a neurostimulant and performance supplement it needs to be stored and rotated in a way to ensure maximum product purity and effect. Cutting out the risk to consumers.

What is Vyvamind?

Vyvamind is a leading neurostimulant supplement that offers a safe and powerful alternative to many leading pharmaceuitical products. Whilst previous iterations of Vyvamind have been subject to stringent regulation from government bodies, Vyvamind is currently available to buy safely and directly from www.vyvamind.com. 

Vyvamind on Other Websites

Please do not buy Vyvamind from anywhere other than this website. This could pose a serious health risk to you or those that ingest any products that have not come directly from www.vyvamind.com. 

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